April 29th 2011


The great thing about diving in a location as remote as the Cay Sal Bank is the huge difference in fish and marine creature diversity. You get to see the weird and wild organisms you normally would not see. And the ones that you may commonly see in the more populated areas behave differently as they are not as frightened of humans. Slipper Lobsters are hard to find near the more densely populated islands of the Bahamas, but this one was having a nice stroll on the hard bottom reef.

image02425 Slipper lobster, like a little tank patrolling the reef



Lionfish are becoming more and more prevalent throughout the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Healthy reef communities may be able to resist invasion or come into balance with the invasive predators more quickly, but it is still surprising and a bit sad to see them on the Cay Sal Bank. This is just another sign that the impacts of human activities on the oceans cannot be contained and effect much more than what we see.

image02526 sadly the lionfish invasion has spread to the Cay Sal Bank.

image02627 If you want an office with a view, choose marine science.