Generally, voting in a #democracy is simply a matter of numbers. Politicians seek to gain the majority of votes. Party politics require this to happen for them to win their seat and for their party to win the election if they gain enough seats.

This allows them to dictate what the country does for 5 to 7 years (2-1 year extensions are possible in times of war). We have a minimum of 38 seats in the house so based on our Bahamian Constitution. Therefore, for any party to win, they need at least 20 of those seats.
The median margin for electoral wins in the Bahamas in 2017 was 779 vtoes. This means 19 seats were won by less than this number.We have 2 years before our next round of elections. This is approximately one person per day in each constituency. If those people make a commitment to voting on issues of #accountability, #climateresilience, #environmentaljustice and #sustainability, we can sway the government to whichever party makes those commitments.
This of course requires you as Bahamians to educate yourselves on the issues. Ask yourselves: Where are the emergency resources for my constituency? Is my constituency at risk in the event of a hurricane? Is my constituency reliant on fisheries resources from the Cay Sal Bank?In the event of an oil spill, will my constituency be affected? How long will it take to recover?Does my constituency have a water tower for water storage and sustainable delivery?Does my constituency have reliable electricity or sustainable energy?When last have I seen my representative? Has my representative ever made a public position statement on any of these issues?If you are interested in taking control of our government regardless of party politics, follow this page. I will be sharing some key points to discuss with your MP and your community.
I have decided not to run for political office, but to make the politics better, please join me.