Today was my last day teaching Social Media Plus for the Institute for Learning in Retirement…for now.Since Fall 2014, I have taught the most enthusiastic students I have ever had how to get in touch and stay in touch with friends and family while sonsidering the social implications of their actions and their personal security. The students are 50 plus years young and my oldest was 93 years old.

I have not had any teaching experience this rewarding. The teaching for this program is voluntary and unpaid, but if you want to see what a true student can be, when someone is learning because they are interested in a topic and not for a grade or a job, share something with this group. you will not be disappointed.

Here is some info for Oxford area people interested in teaching for ILR.

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The Miami University Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) offers non-credit programming for seniors, age 50+. ILR is a member-driven, self-supporting program. All instructors, speakers, board and committee members are volunteer.

ILR offers classes in five locations: Oxford, Fairfield, Hamilton, Monroe and West Chester. Courses are offered in a variety of disciplines, including: literature, writing, science, nature, horticulture, genealogy, photography, technology, art, theater, music, current events, politics, health, nutrition, sports, geography, history and religion. Five-week semesters are held each fall and spring, with each course typically offered once per week for a period of 75 minutes. This format is flexible and can be altered depending upon the instructor’s needs.

To propose a course for the upcoming spring semester—dates are March 28 through April 29—simply complete the ILR online course proposal form here:<<< end copied text