2015 has been an epic year.
We started off with driving to Mexico in our new car with our two dogs from Ohio in 2014. Of course, I welcomed 2015 with black eyes after the horse incident. I took my first study abroad class that I helped develop back to the Bahamas and as Co-Instructor on Photography, Conservation and Culture in the Bahamas, I learned much about Miami University, American students and my own country. Flying from Nassau to Eleuthera, an epic ear infection brought me to tears. Seeing our students break their boundaries, overcome their challenges and set new horizons also got me choked up.
Alma and I went up north to share our love of birds and nature, with primary school students from Detroit and seeing their faces when they asked me if I was really a scientist of color surprised me, but, really let me see how lucky I have been in my career and having been born in the Bahamas where racism was less of a concern than it is here at least for me.
This year I started an organization Miami University Graduate Students of All Nations and I have had the opportunity to participate in and contribute to various meetings that impact (international) student life here at Miami. Through that I have made many new friends.
I changed my PhD topic. Crazy yes, but the world has been pushing me toward bird research for a long time. I am just picking my battles better now.
Alma and I also committed to expanding our family. Sokka and Neji will be getting a human brother in early 2016, God willing. So we have been spending the past few months, reorganizing our expenses, considering what we value, need, want and can do without.
2015 has been a year of strange and wonderful, exciting and needed change. Who knows what 2016 has to offer, but with God, Alma and my family and friends, I know I am about to rock it. See you all next year.
HAPPY 2016!

Ancilleno Davis, M.Sc.