Life is crazy, intense, strange, scary, funny, and it goes on. Last night at 10:32 pm. Our son was born. Leonardo Davis, came into the world with a few cries, but overall, just a really chill little guy, 5 lbs 13.5 oz.

We have been worrying and obsessing over so many details for the past 9 …well 8.5 months. In the end it came down to Leonardo’s schedule. He chose the day of a nice snow storm, two weeks before his due date and the day our obstetrician was working in the next state over.
But now, he is here. The wait is over, and yeah, I am wondering about the insurance, and staying in touch with family in two countries, being socially and environmentally responsible while raising him and teaching him to do the same, drawing the balance between making him happy and challenging him. But you know what? I believe things work out. The challenges will come, but we will be ready. Not always ready to pay the bills, reach the goals, defend ourselves etc., but always ready to face the challenge.

I love this guy. I will protect him by teaching him to protect himself and the ones he loves . Happy birthday Leonardo.

Ancilleno Davis, M.Sc.