So, if the US population is about 320 million and everyone pees once a day in a toilet that flushes 4 gallons at a time that means Americans pee in one billion two hundred eighty million gallons of technically drinkable water a day. Coincidentally the United Nations estimate 1.2 billion people suffer from lack of water every day. Check the other stats

So, how about we don’t flush our pee today?

And I know, there are other ways. Shorter/fewer showers, toilet tank displacement
And I know some people pee more and I know you have been trained since indoor plumbing is a status symbol, but you don’t really have to. It won’t kill you.
Go for it. It feels so good to save water. Let the Yellow sit ‘n’ mellow.

Trust me, I have a doctorate.


Dr. Ancilleno Davis,