This week I drove from Ohio to Washington DC and oxford to CVG twice. Now I am sitting on an airplane going to Denver Colorado for an interview. My conservation colleagues (some of them) are going to ask. What is your carbon footprint "Captain Planet"? (Yes, I have friends that call me that).

This week, my carbon footprint is huge. And I have to think, how do I get to the point where I make a decision that impacts the planet negatively? Compromise. We all have goals. We all have personal restraints…except that one guy and nobody wants to be that one guy. Eventually they will be at odds.
So yes, I want to protect the planet and make it a better place. Especially for this guy, #LeonardoDavis.

But in order to do that, I have to also learn and grow and see enough of the world to know how I can help and enough of its beauty to want to help it. I am doing pretty well so far. Education and jobs will not come to you. Life isn’t delivered and sometimes you just have to hang on as life drags you around the world flapping in its exhaust like a five dollar flag on Independence Day. Sometimes life is messy and you have no choice but to spend the money, use the fuel and throw away resources.

So you compromise. But this is how I compromise. I draw a line on where I will not compromise. You can make a huge difference in premeditated compromise. For example, if travel is necessary and paid for, drive instead of taking a taxi. If you can, this is usually less expensive and you cut out the two return trips the taxi would make. The reimbursement is usually also better for you. Tell the people inviting you about this and your reasoning if asked. It may help change their minds as well.

Another good one is telling the truth when needed. Coworkers, friends and family know me for this. Don’t ask if you don’t want to know. Of course, it does make things difficult when feelings get hurt, but in the long run everyone comes out better for it.

So, yeah, I kind of rambled today, but sorry for the carbon. And I will make it up later.

Ancilleno Davis, M.Sc.