When I was in high school, my brother came back from abroad with a shot up leg and a poopy little baby by the name of Jamie Kiamo Lestley Davis. I remember helping to take care of her in those early years while Jamison would bust his hump at work. I remember when she would come home crying about the kids in school teasing her and teaching her the verbal kung fu of dissing defense. Unfortunately, Jamie is not as hard core as Naya, but she had a different skill set. Jamie was everyone’s friend. Eventually, she did not have to worry about being picked on because she was always surrounded by a posse.

Then she went stateside. Yeah we missed he a little, but she did her thing, making more friends and eventually coming back to the Bahamas. the school system putting her back in both transitions sucked, but that got her lined up to make even more friends Rashad and to bond with her cousins like Christian and Cierra.

It has been fun to watch you grow up from baby Jamie to Kiamo to the Miggety we now know and love. I stole a bunch of your most embarrassing Facebook photos and some of the sweetest and made this slideshow for you. I just want you to remember that no matter what, between your crazy daddy and uncles, your Aunt Nikki, The Jamies, Mommy and Kito Mommy, Kenyon, Kevin and all your other family and friends, you always have a posse, we always have your back and we will always love you.
Happy Birthday J. “Migetty” Kiamo Davis.

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