Life ain’t easy.
It ain’t long either.
At the age of 26 I was getting married to Alma and still barely knew myself. I had not yet seen half the places or people I now consider vital to my growth. I was just learning to cry for something meaningful or important. I was still learning to love.

Today, I learned my little cousin passed away at 26.

I can still remember her biting me in Grumma’s house when she was a baby. I remember watching her and taking out diapers. I remember learning all her names, Eden Jade Michal Kelly,(I know I spelled something wrong) and calling her EJ.

I remember telling her I was proud of her when she graduated high school.
I remember last year, realizing I had no idea where she was or what she was doing and reaching out to say hello and ask her about her mom and sister and her life.

I remember her telling me she was happy. She had friends that were like family. She had joy in her life, doing the things she loved to do. She was closer to her mom and her sisters and I could see her smiling on her Facebook page.

I don’t remember asking if she needed anything. I don’t remember telling her I love her. I love you Eden. I will miss you.

To those of you that read to the end, reach out today and tell someone you love them. Ask if they need anything you can help with. Let them know you will remember them.


Ancilleno Davis, PhD. Candidate
Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology- Miami University, Oxford Ohio