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September 2016

Even if I want to?

I recently heard a black female student proclaim that "Black people can't be racist". I took the counterpoint and prepared to engage in an interesting and thought provoking discussion on the issue. She announced that she "can't handle this, today"... Continue Reading →

Leno’s life lessons

No matter what you look like, what you do, where you are or who you are with, some people cannot, will not or won't see you. Sept. 22 2016. I am a six foot tall man wearing a cowboy hat... Continue Reading →

Perspective, Prejudice, Pride

Okay, I get it, we are tired of talking about these things. The thing is, we don't talk about these things because in my opinion no one has explained what exactly they are. So this is my little summary. Then... Continue Reading →

What’s the worst that could happen: number 2

So yeah, I posted before about what's the worst that could happen. So today, Alma had the beautiful idea to let #LeonardoDavis feel the freedom of nudity. What's the worst that could happen? So diaper free Leo is just got... Continue Reading →

Some things change… some don’t

I am cleaning up my hard drive to make room for the data I am using and thought I would share this set of talking points I made for myself in 2010. Minister Neymour reduced his home energy bill by... Continue Reading →

Who’s paying?

Everything is paid for or must be paid for, so every ounce of energy not paid for from your electric company comes out of someone's pocket. Or it comes out of our future. Check the government ministries, schools, ministers past... Continue Reading →

Before the PhD

Before you can complete the PhD, you need to complete a PhD project, but first you need to ask the most glorious question science ever heard about your topic and consider how you can answer it scientifically. Ancilleno Davis, PhD.... Continue Reading →

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