I am cleaning up my hard drive to make room for the data I am using and thought I would share this set of talking points I made for myself in 2010.

Minister Neymour reduced his home energy bill by 30% after an energy audit (free from BEC) everyone Call BEC 302-1000 before september.

Eat a lionfish- they taste good, they are abundant. They eat all many other important fish, grouper, grunt, snapper, even octopus and crawfish.

Catch and release fishing- anglers spent 27 percent more than regular visitors per visit. 17 percent more per visitor night. Nearly 141 million dollars annually to Bahamian Economy(Bahamian flats fishing alliance.)

Coral reefs about 25% of all marine fish species spend some time on the reefs.

The burning dump cost nearly $500,000 to put out Tribune March 1, 2010.

COB held an environmental fair on April 9th, 2010. BNT, TNC, DEHS (Vector Control) and SOSA man were there.

Visit a park:

Bonefish ponds National Park is officially opening today April 22nd 2010. Harold and Wilson Ponds National Park, The Retreat village road, Exuma cays Lands and Sea park, Rand Nature Center in Freeport, West Side of Andros, and the Blue holes National park.

Donate a trash can to a School. Put your trash in a trash can. Lock up your trash cans.

One Green Prison in Seattle Washington saved government $35,000 annually, on landfill fees by recycling, not to mention fuel and labour costs.- USA today April 21 2010.

Conservation efforts save the Pentagon (US) 1.6 Billion dollars.

California company plans to cover 1.5 Sq. Miles of roof space and that can power 162,000 homes. –USA today April 12th 2010.

192 NATIONS will participate in Earth day this year. 1000 churches from 50 countries have signed up to participate.- USA Today, April 21 2010

After Katrina, homes are being rebuilt in an eco-friendly way. Lower cost to owner over lifetime.

April 20th Michael Digiss and Associates (Bahamas) used their office to allow others to view a Global webcast on creating value through sustainability.

Walmart is changing parking lot lamps to LED’s 1000 watts to 200 watt LEDs. Imagine if BEC converted the street lights to LEDs? All the lights. BEC absorbs that cost. Who is the end user? Plus less blown bulbs= less maintenance. More even lighting means you do not have a blazing glare in your eye then pitch black between streetlights.

Ancilleno DavisFounder-BEINGS
(Bahamians Educated In Natural and Geospatial Sciences)
Director at Large – BirdsCaribbean
(formerly The Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds)
Doctoral student- Miami University, Oxford, Ohio