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October 2016

Thank you Mommy!

We all have a mother. fact. Everyday I meet people who I know have a mother. But each of these people are different. Each and every one of us. I have a Mommy! I would never trade my Mommy for... Continue Reading →

Happy Anniversary from your boys!We love you tons and these past nine years have been wonderful. Te amo guapa.

Cabbages and time

If it smells like boiled cabbage at six it will smell like boiled garbage at 10. Ancilleno Davis, PhD. Candidate Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology- Miami University, Oxford Ohio

Leno’s Life Lessons free work

If anyone asks you to perform your professional work for free, they do not respect your work, your time or you. Ask them to do the same.

The Tutor

Imagine you go to tutor in a strange neighborhood, because everyone tells you they are great. They are expensive. Really expensive, and it is a long drive, but you go because you need to pass this class, you want a... Continue Reading →

No ragrets

Every day we have choices to make. All these choices eventually become who we are. Choosing to take this job or that, That one time you had a landscaping company, going to university, telling a backstabber about your research, breaking... Continue Reading →

Can you see me?

Those that know me for the past four years have probably seen me during winter with my ski mask on. Face fully covered to make the cold at least survivable. This year I have been informed by my boss that... Continue Reading →


Everyone wants to know why things are happening.We focus on who is doing what and why... But really, how far do we go? very simply I think we need to look at our own activities. Who do we think we... Continue Reading →

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