Those that know me for the past four years have probably seen me during winter with my ski mask on. Face fully covered to make the cold at least survivable.
This year I have been informed by my boss that that is over no ski mask for me this year in light of the recent shooting deaths of unarmed black men.

Before my justifications included…
That hasn’t happened in Oxford,Ohio.
I don’t wear it while entering a building and never while running. I am walking a 50 lb potcake and a 4.5 lb Yorkie Mix…
Oxford police are cool and even wave to me when I am dressed as such. The black men that were shot or killed were not wearing any kind of mask. If I can get shot for being black, doesn’t covering my face reduce my chances?

This year I have only one justification for changing my behavior. #LeonardoDavis

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Ancilleno Davis, PhD. Candidate
Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology- Miami University, Oxford Ohio