Imagine you go to tutor in a strange neighborhood, because everyone tells you they are great. They are expensive. Really expensive, and it is a long drive, but you go because you need to pass this class, you want a good grade, a better job, a better life for your family. You get there and realize it is nothing like your neighborhood. Sometimes the tutor says some slightly off putting comments and borders on prejudice about how little you know about some things. But overall, the tutor is nice. There are a few other students that come to the same tutor from your neighborhood and sometimes you get to work with them. They have noticed some of the same issues, but few of them say anything, because it is hard to get a spot with this tutor, so nobody wants to jeopardize their chance or get kicked out. Also, some of the things the tutor says and shares with you are genuinely helpful and catered to you. You feel they know you and you can trust them most of the time.
[Can you imagine going back home after they kick you out, all the money you would have wasted? what would you and your family do? this is a huge investment.]
So you take it. You fake it. You make it.
Until today. Upstairs in the far wing of their house you begin to hear a commotion. the tutor’s aunt and uncle have arrived and they are arguing fairly loudly. You can hear everything although they cannot see you. The uncle and aunt are arguing over who will stay in the house, with the tutor when the parents leave on their vacation. The tutor says nothing and encourages you to focus on your work. "That is just the way the uncle is and nothing will come of it he says."
The arguing gets more fierce and the uncle starts poking fun at the aunt and how old and unattractive she is. He calls the parents good for nothing. He points out the way they allow "those people in their home". You know he means people from your neighborhood. He calls you and those like you various names, accuses you of all being thieves, lazy even rapists.
The tutor tells you that the uncle will never stay at the house… nobody really likes him anyway… but now the cousins start chiming in in support of the uncle. Loudly. You are now obviously distracted and you start thinking… should I leave and come back later? Will the tutor defend you if need be? If you go downstairs now, will you be targeted, if you say something, how will it end for you..?
You take a break and the tutor goes downstairs to talk to their family and amid the voices, you hear the cousins cheering on the uncle and aunt and your tutor’s voice chimes in periodically and sometimes they sound so intelligent, kind and thoughtful… but sometimes, you hear them support the uncle. on the way to the restroom you notice the photos of your tutor sharing loving embraces with the uncle…[who no one likes].
…What do you do?
Cast of characters

You= International Students & Scholars (Especially Mexicans or Muslims

The Tutor = US Academia (professors and administration)

Uncle = Trump

Aunt = Hillary

Cousins = The American Public