No matter what you look like, what you do, where you are or who you are with, some people cannot, will not or won’t see you. Sept. 22 2016.

I am a six foot tall man wearing a cowboy hat and a baby, walking a 55 pound yellow potcake and a 4.5 pound Chinese crested mixed with Yorkshire terrier. Still, today a woman clearly more concerned with getting somewhere before 8:30 am sped up to and across the pedestrian crossing. I stood there watching her approach from the previous corner and up the hill with the dogs sitting on the sidewalk. She was so focused on the turn she wanted to make, we did not matter. Let’s focus on mindfulness today people. Go for your goals, but think of whom you have to cross to get there today. Much love.

Ancilleno Davis, PhD. Candidate
Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology- Miami University, Oxford Ohio