Names can mean so much and so little.
I remember first meeting Alma and being introduced to her as such. Dr. Wiley would always call her Alma when speaking to me. And I began to call her Alma. Her official name, her “government” name.

I quickly noticed that those closer to her called her Sherry. I could tell it was personal. her childhood name, her “close friends and family” name.

But from that first night we met, at that motel in Pokomoke, I was struck by her beauty. Her unassuming, modest, effortless beauty. In her eyes, her smile, her walk, the way she speaks and the thoughts she shares. Each one elegant. Each one beautiful. Each one making you want more.

This is why I call her La Guapa. She is the beautiful one.

Today is her birthday.

I love you Guapa. May you have many more beautiful years ahead of you!