So… Alma says, “there is a spider on the clock: go kill it.”
First, I go take a macro photo to document it of course. But then the spider is like, “you got a flash? I am the Flash!”
It starts running around the molding and then the clock face, and jumps off the clock!

I am not afraid of spiders and I do not revel in the death or suffering of others, but, this is one of those small yellow spiders that bite hard. I got bit by one off of CJ’s clothesline in winton when we used to take care of Merlin’s dogs.

Anyway, I have kids now and if I can help it, they are not gonna get bit by any spiders if I can help it.
So as the spider descended on its invisible web all, Tom Cruise, Mission:Impossible style, I clapped my hands together. Now, the web was still attached to the clock and without even thinking, I said, “Time’s Up!”

Proudest moment of my life…just realized, I still haven’t washed my hands…
Anyway, proudest moment of my life. Killed a spider with my bare hands, to protect my family, while making a bad pun worthy of an action movie from the late eighties.

NB: the spider died almost instantly, so I do not think it suffered.


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