Guess what? This is not our last hurricane. I hate to say it but we are not ready. Here are some ideas to get us ready.
1: a permanent interest bearing disaster relief fund we should maintain it at about 10 to 30 percent of the national housing value. That seems to be what gets hit before we activate the response.

2: national relief training requirements. Every student should be required to have CPR and first aid training to certification by 10th grade. Biology degree from university of the Bahamas should require CPR and first aid instructor certification.

3: marine survivor training from preschool. Yes they have it. Kids that can fall in the water and tread water or swim until rescued. Swim snorkel scuba three level training for primary middle and high school level.

4: survivor to saver protocol so in emergencies victims get support to turn around and the option to be geared up and returned into their communities to help on familiar terrain.