Today I am riding a very thin line
Looking down on both sidesOn the one hand wading through death and destruction,
picking up the pieces and when I find a good clean piece of the world I knew,
I put it on a pedestal for everyone else to see too.
This work is not art
This is beauty.
Not religion.
Not work.

Today I am riding a very thin line.
Looking down on both sides.
On the one hand lifted up in the arms of friends around the world
gathering the comments and expressions of love strewn about the internet
like they are flowers in a digital bouquet
I cling to them and breathe them in first
I am selfish
this is my healing and I deserve it.
But I will give you this flower
you need it more than I do.

Today I am riding a very thin line falling down on both sides.

Friday, September 13th, 2019
Recovering from Hurricane Dorian.