So there is a new Corona Virus. Everyone is freaking out because the news media is blowing it up. My thoughts are, we really cannot stop it in the Bahamas if it is coming and definitely not by using racist policies that focus on a certain ethnicity.
The major reason I think the ship has sailed is the incubation period. the averge is about 6 days (although the research is not yet peer reviewed, it seems robust). At a minimum, you need 2 days before symptoms show and up to 11 days can pass before symptoms start. In the mean time, the infected individual can pass the virus by coughing and sneezing, breathing on you etc. Or the classic cough in their hand and touch something you later touch.
This means we would have to go back more than 11 days BEFORE the first case was identified and isolate all the people that person came into contact with in the prior 11 day period and maybe they got it from someone else. So, we woul dhave to go 11 days before that person got it. Plus there are other people who do not show symptoms, self medicate or actually can carry for a longer period without showing symptoms.
There is no way we can find all these people and stop them. We can treat the symptoms. we can protect ourselves by staying away from crowds, washing our hands, and go see a medical professional as soon as you experience symptoms.
No racist border policy will protect us. Remember that the USA has brought their citizens back into the country, there are cases throughout europe now and the spread in asia is fast.