TW: physical abuse

TL/DR: A career disciplinarian at my high school beat a student and I recount some of what I remember about the physical discipline I received from him.

Background: This post comes from a post I made on Facebook in May 2019 when the Dean of Students became involved in a legal battle because he beat a student. The parent posted images of the student’s bruised backside on social media and some of my school mates defended the victim and others defended the administrator. The stick that he beat us with while I was in school was named “Black Beauty” a dowel (legends said whale bone) wrapped in black electrical tape.

Bey, I caught black beauty multiple times. And I remember a few things.

  • I remember my father sitting next to Forbes at a primary school party drinking and my father told Forbes to bust my ass if I get out of line. This was the summer before I started sac. The summer he (my father) hit me in the eye with a belt and the summer I started wearing glasses. (This is the first time I am saying this publicly) I wear glasses everyday all day. I remember the beating when I look through my glasses, so think on that.
  • I remember not being heard when I was trying to help explain that a classmate did not have the required background in Spanish because a scheduling error put him in 8th grade Spanish after French in 7th grade. We both got caned for no reason.
  • I remember watching others caned in front of us and him (Forbes) carrying “black beauty” as a visible and constant threat.
  • I remember the athletes who fought. Bloody fights outside Forbes office and they did not get caned.
  • I remember getting caned for my (flawless) afro while guys with long straight hair carried ponytails.

I have not seen the photo.

I carry the marks of cut hip. So I already know. With power comes responsibly. If you beat children for decades as a man where you go unquestioned your boundaries may begin to fade. Sometimes physical discipline is necessary but it must be swift and measured in my opinion.

Update: I saw the photo. Yes. This is abuse.