Firstly, I am not encouraging or discouraging anyone to take the COVID 19 vaccine. That is up to you.

I am taking it. I am currently at the Marsh Harbour Clinic in Abaco the Bahamas. I have been here since 820. My appointment was for 830. No patients entered the building until about 920 and I got through the on property registration about 1040. It is now 1100 and I am physically in the building.

I still have to get my injection and there is a 15 minute observation period.

Personally, I am unsure how the hours standing in the sun will affect people’s bodies through this. Most of the others are elderly. The stress along with the heat will probably be a major factor for comfort.

Update: I am through the injection and sitting in the observation area.

The RBDF are administering shots. I think it is pretty cool that we have volunteers from throughout the island and medical professionals. The staff are also using a mixture of digital and analog or in person methods and processes to support the process.

This is the first dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine.

Here’s hoping we return to normal soon.