As part of the Volunteer work I do to support environmental sustainability and conservation in the Bahamas, I chair the National Technical Committee for on Environmental Protection and Management Standards under the Bahamas Bureau of Standards and Quality.

You can read the Standards Act here.

We review international standards or develop and review new standards to help the Bahamas maintain a practical environment for business that also supports human health and a healthy environment. As part of that and for my own personal interest I get regular updates on changes to international regulations that may affect trade or how commodities are produced or packaged and the standards that apply to them. here is a new standard from the USA on how much pesticide of a particular type is allowed to be present on food items produced or sold in the USA.
The big question is, how familiar are you with our own regulations? do you know how this would apply to apples shipped from the USA to the Bahamas or another developing Nation?
Are you familiar with the pesticide regulations in the Bahamas?

If you made it this far, you probably have what it takes to join or lead a team to make standards for your industry.
reach out to the BBSQ.