This survey was sent out by colleagues at the University of the Bahamas. Please contribute if you can.

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Good morning.

Colleagues very grateful if you can please help share the survey with your contacts and encourage them to complete wns share with their networks by Friday 2nd July 2021. This information is vitally important to watershed planning and plant and animal life in East Grand Bahama. Many thanks.



There is still time for you to participate in the survey on a proposed watershed management plan for East Grand Bahama and the area’s biodiversity. East Grand Bahama is an area of vast natural beauty and diversity. But hurricanes, storm surges, and human activities have scarred the natural environment and strained groundwater resources. A watershed management plan is an important step toward environmental and water laws, public policies, watershed protections and, generally, capacity building.

Grand Bahama, we want to hear from you. Please take a few moments to complete the survey and encourage others to participate by clicking on this link For the future the time to act is now.

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