Today, we went to Molasses Reef with Ocean Divers in Key Largo, Fla. Our crew were Lou and Michelle on the green boat.We did two dives, about an hour each, but the second had some pretty stiff current. The first was at Eagle ray alley and the second was at Coral Canyon.

It has certainly been awhile, but it is amazing how much like riding a bike it is. Donna, Hays, Scott, Jack, Hank and I SCUBA dived and everyone else snorkeled.

The best part is seeing all the fish and coral and algae again and having so many of them pop right back into my head. the only thing missing was Leonardo and Alma. I cannot wait to get #LeonardoDavis into the Ocean.

here is the list of what I can remember right now.

Green turtle (Chelonia mydas)

Nurse Shark; Caribbean Reef Shark

Coney; Graysby; hamlet


Parrotfish: Stoplight, Midnight, Princess, Striped, Red band

Gobies: Sharknosed, Bridled,

Giant pufferfish, sharpnosed pufferfish, honeycomb cowfish, Whitespotted filefish;

Spiny lobster; pederson shrimp

Montastrea cavernosa, Diploria strigosa, Meandrina meandrites, Agaricia agaricites, Porites astreoides (I know some names have changed.

Moray eel

Damselfish: Bicolor, yellowtail, coco/beaugregory,

Sergeant Major, Night Sergeant (lots of nests)

Bermuda Chub,

Yellowtail snapper, mahogany snapper, lane snapper,

smallmouth grunt, french grunt, Cesar grunt, sailor’s choice, porgy, french angelfish, queen angelfish, FrenchQueen Angelfish, small mollusks mating (hays got a photo).

Hogfish and spanish hogfish.