It seems like forever since I have been home to the Bahamas. I am waiting in the Miami International Airport for our flight to new providence and then San Salvador, with 28 students, I am looking forward to it like I have not looked forward to anything else, since #LeonardoDavis’s birth.

I miss home immensely. Over the past few month’s issues related to my dissertation, scholarship, research progress etc, have had me a bit stressed out. But today I got word on a new funding stream, I am about to visit two of my favorite places, I am envisioning my dissertation work with much greater clarity and Leo and Alma are safe. I am likely going to have my hands on a vitamalt and a hot patty in about 2 hours. Life is good.
I feel at peace. I feel centered. I feel like I am going home again in more ways than one. My wish for you all today is that you get to go home.