I just got to campus. There’s a tightness in my chest
I’m sitting at my desk,
reading about the bomb threats.
Considering this is one of the best

Schools in the region
but it’s the post election season
and everyone’s lost their reason
Lost their minds and making mindless

Threats of violence
In their blindness
They can’t see the opportunity for kindness
The chance to come together

politics is just weather
make the the social climate better
your leader don’t represent you? then forget her
Do you. I’mma do me.

For Leonardo and Alma the reasons that I breathe
For Nature and my country I pursue the PhD
For the God I believe in and for me.
This is where my heart is

This is where the science and the art is
This is where the start is
The place that I can do my part is
This is where my mind is

Follow through on threats of kindness